About The Linen Organiser

Living in an organised home can greatly enhance
your quality of life. After enduring the chaos of undergoing five home
renovation projects, being buried under a mountain of dust, and having to keep
all my belongings boxed up and in storage, I have become exceptionally skilled
at maintaining order. Now, residing in a house with multiple bed sizes, I
sought a systematic and efficient way to differentiate my various bedding sets.
Hence, The Linen Organiser was conceived! This has been an 8-month project,
from the first sketch to multiple samples and designs, all the way to the
product being ready to sell!

Kirsty has created a solution to help you
effortlessly organise your bedding. Say goodbye to the stress of searching for
the right double sheets or super king-sized bedding when unexpected guests
arrive. Now, keeping your laundry cupboard neatly organised in easily
accessible sections is incredibly simple.

meet the owner

Founder: Kirsty Griffiths

Kirsty, who resides in Buckinghamshire, England, has a background in the retail and buying industry. However, she later transitioned into the marketing and affiliate marketing field. Kirsty possesses a strong passion for product creation and the establishment of captivating brands.

Kirsty, who is widely known for her daily online deals, DIY projects, renovation projects, and IKEA Hacks, has amassed a following of more than 175,000 on instagram. Additionally, she has recently ventured into the realm of YouTube, where she shares her DIY projects and provides reviews on various products and travelling.

I sincerely hope that you love my Bedding Bands and that it is as helpful for you as it has been for me. Kirsty x

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